This document with all its references is a user agreement with the rules and terms of use of the site described in this document.


1.1. "ALP turbo" is a site, a website, an online store located on the domain name [] at URLs [], [], [http: //], [].
1.2. "Administration" - employees managing the online store "ALP turbo" and acting on behalf of the online store "ALP turbo".
1.3. "User" means a person who has access and uses the online store "ALP turbo", via the Internet. Also, the user is a potential and real buyer, the customer of the online store "ALP turbo".


2.1. This user agreement refers to the online store "ALP turbo".
2.2. This agreement governs the relationship between the administration and the user of this online store.
2.3. The Administration reserves the right at any time to modify, add or delete the clauses of this agreement without notice to the user.
2.4. The continued use of the online store by the user means acceptance of the agreement and changes made to this agreement.
2.5. The user is personally responsible for verifying this agreement for changes in it.


3.1. The subject of this agreement is to provide the user with access to the products contained in the online store and the services provided.
3.1.1. The online store "ALP turbo" provides the user with the following services: access to the content, with the right to view and purchase products; access to search and navigation tools; opportunity to post messages, comments, reviews, content ratings;
3.1.2. All current online store services, as well as any subsequent changes and online store services that appear in the future, fall under this agreement.
3.2. This agreement is a public offer. When accessing the online store is considered that the user has read the rules and terms of use of the online store described in this document, and fully agrees with them and accepts this agreement.


4.1. The Administration has the right:

4.1.1. Change the rules of use, as well as modify the content of this online store. Changes to the user agreement come into effect from the time the new edition of the agreement is published in the online store.
4.1.2. Restrict access to the online store in case of violation by the user of the terms of this agreement.
4.1.3. Limit the user access to the online store without warning and explaining the reasons.
4.1.4. Unilaterally cancel a user account without his notification.

4.2. The user of the online store has the right:

4.2.1. Get access to the online store for the purpose of viewing the posted content or for the purpose of purchasing the products.
4.2.2. Use the services available in the online store, as well as purchase affordable products.
4.2.3. Ask any questions related to the services of the online store for the details that are in the "Contacts" section.
4.2.4. Use the site solely for the purposes and procedures provided by the agreement and not prohibited by law.

4.3. The user of the online store undertakes:

4.3.1. Provide additional information at the request of the administration, which is directly related to the services provided.
4.3.2. Do not take actions that could disrupt the operation of the online store.
4.3.3. Do not use the online store to distribute advertising information, not otherwise than with the consent of the administration.
4.3.4. Do not use the online store for the purpose of publishing content, any version of which is illegal, propagandizing, discriminating, offensive, unlawful.

4.4. Users of the online store are prohibited from:

4.4.1. Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes to access, purchase, copy or track the content of this online store.
4.4.2. Disrupt the functioning of the online store.
4.4.3. Any way to bypass the navigation structure of the site to receive or attempt to obtain any information, documents or materials by any means that are not specifically represented by the services of this online store.
4.4.4. Use the online store and its contents for any purposes prohibited by law.


5.1. The contents of the online store can not be copied, published, reproduced, transmitted or distributed by any means and located on the global Internet without the prior written consent of the administration.
5.2. The content of the online store is protected by copyright, trademark law, and other rights related to intellectual property.
5.3. Purchasing the proposed product may require the creation of a user account. For the delivery of products, the user agrees to specify the place of delivery and provide their real contact details, such as: name, surname, shipping address, phone number. The contact information of the user and the delivery address must be reliable and should not contain errors. Any changes to delivery addresses and your contact information by the user must be made before placing orders.
5.4. The user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account information, including the password, as well as for all activities that are carried out on behalf of the user without exception. The user must promptly notify the administration of unauthorized use of his account or password or any other security breach.
5.5. Administration has the right at any time without notice to the user to make any changes to the descriptions, characteristics, list and prices of products.
5.5.1. Descriptions and characteristics of products are made on the basis of declared descriptions and characteristics of the manufacturer of the products.
5.5.2. In the descriptions and characteristics of goods errors and inaccuracies are allowed.
5.5.3. In the display of goods, discrepancies between colors and sizes are allowed, due to the individuality of the settings of the technical means of display and shooting.
5.6. The documents specified in paragraphs 5.6.1 to 5.6.4 supplement this agreement. The following documents are included in this agreement:
5.6.1. Privacy Policy.
5.6.2. Delivery Returns Warranty.
5.6.3. Legal Notice.
5.6.4. Secure payment.
5.7. Any of the documents listed in clause 5.6. of this agreement may be subject to renewal. Changes come into force from the moment of their publication on the site.


6.1. Any losses that the user can incur in case of willful or reckless violation of any provision of this agreement, as well as due to unauthorized access to communications of another user, are not reimbursed by the administration.
6.2. Administration is not liable in the following cases:
6.2.1. Delays or malfunctions in the course of an operation due to force majeure, as well as any malfunctions in telecommunication, computer, electrical and other related systems.
6.2.2. Delays associated with the operation of money transfer systems, banks, payment systems.
6.2.3. Inadequate functioning of the online store, if the user does not have the technical means of using it.
6.3. Administration does not bear any obligations to provide users with technical means.
6.4. The online store and administration are not liable for damages and harm caused by using the goods purchased in the online store.


7.1. The administration has the right to disclose any information collected about the user if the disclosure is necessary in connection with an investigation or complaint regarding the misuse of the online store or for identifying a user who may violate or interfere with the administration rights or the rights of other users.
7.2. The Administration has the right to disclose any information about the user that it deems necessary to comply with the provisions of applicable law or judicial decisions, ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement, protect the rights or security of the online store and its users.
7.3. The administration has the right to disclose information about the user, if the current legislation requires disclosure.
7.4. The administration has the right to stop and/or block access to the online store without prior notice to the user if the user has violated this agreement, or because of a technical or security problem.
7.5. Administration is not liable to the user or third parties for stopping access to the online store in case of violation by the user of any provision of this agreement or other document containing the terms of use of the online store.


8.1. In the event of any differences or disputes between the parties to this agreement, a claim (written proposal for the voluntary settlement of the dispute) is a prerequisite before applying to the court.
8.2. The receiver of the claim within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt shall notify the applicant in writing of the claim about the results of the examination of the claim.
8.3. If it is not possible to resolve the dispute voluntarily, either party may apply to the court for the protection of its rights.
8.4. Any claim regarding the terms of use of the site must be made within 14 days after the grounds for the claim arise, with the exception of copyright protection for materials protected in accordance with the law. If the conditions of this paragraph are violated, any claim or cause for action shall be extinguished by limitation of actions.


9.1. Administration does not accept counter-offers from the user regarding changes to this user agreement.
9.2. User reviews posted in the online store are not confidential information and can be used by the administration of the site without restrictions.

Updated on June 18, 2018


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